Taiwan People’s Party a rising third force in traditional two-party political landscape

“I think voting for mayor, we should vote for someone who can work. So we should put aside whether you are pan-blue (pro-KMT) or pan-green (pro-DPP),” said Mr Sui.

“I would rather be a neutral voter who chooses someone wise, dedicated, and hardworking. And that’s Vivian Huang.”


Meanwhile, Mr Ko, the TPP’s chairman, intends to run for the 2024 presidency to challenge the ruling DPP.

Mr Ko, who is the first to publicly announce his candidacy with the presidential race still two years away, said the most important task is to create a new political culture.

But analysts noted that even with the rise of the TPP, it is premature to consider him as a strong presidential candidate.

This local election would be a litmus test for the popularity of Mr Ko and his party, said experts. If the results are better than expected, it could pave the way for his presidential bid.

Prof Chu said: “Mr Ko used to call himself deep green (pro-DPP). So with such a background, it looks very challenging and difficult for him to team up with the rival KMT.”

Source By https://www.channelnewsasia.com/asia/taiwan-peoples-party-election-3094711