People do not trust Anwar-led unity government: Muhyiddin after Padang Serai, Tioman election results

KUALA LUMPUR: Perikatan Nasional (PN) chairman Muhyiddin Yassin said his coalition’s victory in Padang Serai and narrow defeat in the Tioman state election is proof that people do not trust the unity government anchored by Pakatan Harapan (PH) and Barisan Nasional (BN).

He also claimed that people are not confident in the ability of the unity government led by PH chairman Anwar Ibrahim.

In a Facebook post on Thursday (Dec 8), Mr Muhyiddin said: “This is proof that the people do not trust the combination of PH and BN. They are not confident in the ability of this coalition government led by PH to govern the country.”

“BN’s majority declined by almost half in Tioman and PN’s majority in Padang Serai was double the majority won by PH in GE14 (14th General Election).”

“Disappointed with the lies of PH and BN leaders during the GE15 campaign, many supporters of both parties have switched to support PN.” 

Mr Muhyiddin said that the results of voters in Padang Serai and Tioman clearly showed that the people do not approve of the actions of PH and BN (to work together). 

“For me, PH and BN’s lies in GE15 was ‘the biggest electoral fraud ever’,” he added. The Pagoh MP, however, did not elaborate. 

He also said that PN is now “on the right track”, following the coalition’s victory in Padang Serai. 

On Wednesday, PN’s Azman Nasrudin won the Padang Serai contest with a majority of 16,260 votes, edging out his PH rival who previously held the ward. 

This means that PN now has a total of 74 seats in parliament, with PH holding 81. 

In a separate vote held on Wednesday, PN was defeated by BN for the Tioman state seat by a narrow margin of 573 votes. 

BN’s Mohd Johari Hussain, the incumbent candidate, obtained a total of 8,080 votes and defeated PN’s Nor Idayu Hashim who garnered 7,507 votes. 

Voting for the Padang Serai parliamentary seat was postponed after incumbent PH candidate M Karupaiya died on Nov 16 after he collapsed during campaigning.

The election for the Tioman state seat was also postponed when PN candidate Md Yunus Ramli died of heart complications in the run-up to the polls. 

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