Commentary: In regulations on pet ownership, are some animals more equal than others?

Similarly, the Love Cats initiative led by Cat Welfare Society at Chong Pang constituency has proven that it is indeed possible to live in harmony with our feline-owning neighbours. 

With greater public exposure and an increased acceptance of cats, the time is ripe for the HDB ban to be lifted. 


Many people still believe that pet cats should not be kept indoors or that they cannot be socialised. These misperceptions must be addressed through education and awareness.

As pet owners, we can all do our part. Simple acts like cleaning up after our pets, removing leftover food after feeding community animals, and sterilising them to minimise disruptive behaviours will go a long way in gaining the trust and acceptance of our neighbours.

Meshing windows and securing doors and gates will safeguard our pets and prevent them from straying or falling from a height.

Pets can bring immense joy and meaning to family life. As many responsible owners will testify, cats and dogs alike can be well cared for in HDB flats.

Part of this responsibility lies in recognising that HDB flats are communal living spaces where neighbours. Pet owners and non-pet owners alike must show consideration for each other.

After all, one does not need to identify as a cat person or a dog person to accept that all animals deserve safe and kind homes.

Aarthi Sankar is Executive Director of SPCA Singapore.

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